Application for Improve Existing School (IES) program

As a non-profit NGO, SLF’s end goal is to create a better world through education. Our mission is to do so by funding the education of students who are unable to get education due to their financial positions through the use of several programs. In pursuit of this mission, SLF has helped children receive an education since 1999. Along with this, SLF is trying to improve upon its multiple projects throughout the future. Here at SLF, we strive to improve the world through education by helping underprivileged students receive a proper education.

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The proposal submitted here will be kept on record for ONE YEAR from the date of submission for ALL our chapters to review. If any chapter is interested in your project, they will contact you for more details. Please refrain from sending us emails asking for updates. Due to the high volume of proposals we get, we are unable to respond to all such queries.